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18 January 2008



Very nice website, my compliments

Mark Harrington

Thanks to all who have written about St. Catherine's. But, let me add a bit that I hope will give a sense of hope to everyone.

My great-great grandparents were among the first parishioners of St. Catherine's. They donated the windows of St. Bridget and St. Patrick. My entire family on my mom's side were baptized, confirmed, married and buried at St. Catherine's. My great-grandparents, the Margaret and Peter Rogers owned the store across from the church as well as the block on which the store was located.

In the 1920's the familyt began the exodus to the suburbs, but we have always maintained a connection with and love for St. Catherine's. All that has been written about the warm culture and sense of family fostered by the Townies is true. But, don't lose hope folks. That culture is alive and well throughout the country. In Texas, Maine, California, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Canada and beyond, individuals with direct links to St. Catherine's share stories of that wonderful place with people who have never heard of it - people unfortunate enough never to have been conncected with the wonderful people, the marvelous culture that was/is the St. Catherine of Siena parish family. "To go away is to die a little, but everywhere and always one leaves behind a part of one's self." St. Catherine's will always live on in the history of those who descend from those brave Irish men and women who first gathered beneath her roof.

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